Within the financial industry, constant change is the only constant. Evolving products, new markets, increasing competition, mergers and acquisitions, and new technologies are among the major change drivers. In addition, financial organizations must operate in compliance with the requirements of FDIC, OCC, OTS,SEC and other regulators.

We help our clients in this sector to

  • Design and develop clear, easily understood policies, procedures and documentation that ensures compliance
  • Design e-content architectures that support quick retrieval of accurate, up-to-date information by customer service personnel and salespeople—and significantly increase customer satisfaction while reducing costs of call center operation
  • Capture and document best practices in order to streamline merger and acquisition processes
  • Create complete, accurate product information that supports the performance of financial advisors and increases customer satisfaction

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    Capturing employee knowledge is critical. Applying a content standard to policies and procedures helps to achieve this.