FS Pro 2020

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FS Pro 2020 is a software tool that makes it easy to write clear, easily understood documents in Microsoft Word by

  • breaking the content into small, manageable pieces
  • presenting the content visually using tables and lists rather than lengthy texts
  • clearly labeling all the pieces for easy scanning and retrieval of information
  • providing advance organizers so the reader can anticipate the content that follows.


FS Pro 2020 allows you to

  • easily structure documents by using Maps, Blocks and Overview Maps
  • use predefined Information Mapping tables, as well as blank and custom tables
  • jump-start your writing with built-in business document templates, for meeting minutes, business cases, proposals ...
  • apply your company branding to your document with the Style Manager
  • share your custom templates, tables, style sheets and other settings with your co-workers
  • publish you document to the FS Pro Cloud as an online publication
  • modify the layout of your documents published to the FS Pro Cloud
  • protect your published documents by using passwords