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Hire an on-site consultant to reduce your information burden and accessibility issues.

Our staffing service is available for new and existing documentation projects.

Take the burden off your workforce

Our pool of Information Mapping consultants and technical writers is available for temporary staffing assignments, both on-site and remotely. They are experts in the research-based Information Mapping Methodology and work individually on specific documentation projects or as a member or team lead of your technical writing team.

Introduce specific expertise for complex content challenges.

Fill temporary workforce shortages to meet go-to-market and compliance deadlines.

Flexibleto your time-frame and requirements.

No-risk addition to your team.

At Information Mapping, we’re dedicated to finding the right consultant for your business.

See why organizations like Safe Rigging rely on our staffing expertise.

Stephanie De Waegenaere,Business Development

Trusted partner of blue-chip companies worldwide


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About the Information Mapping Method

Information Mapping is a research-based and widely acknowledged process for writing and structuring reader-focused information. It is founded on four key components:
  • Information Types

    A limited set of categories helps you to analyze texts and label them according to their function.

  • Research-Based Principles

    They allow you to organize information effectively, so it is easy to digest and remember.

  • Units of Information

    Chunkable info enables you to create standardized information units with a specific purpose.

  • Presentation Modes

    Allows you to format different types of information in a comprehensive overview.