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On-demand and recurring coaching for continuous improvement

Whether you are looking to brush up the knowledge of your existing team members or need explanation on new features, our certified training coaches have you covered.

It doesn’t end after training

After a successful introduction of Information Mapping, your business keeps evolving. That is why our coachingis second to none, so you can keep raising the bar of your content standards.

Brush up team members’ knowledge

Improve employee efficiency with hands-on training on new and existing features

Maintain consistent writing standards across your teams

Coaching by design

Upon completion of your Information Mapping project, our certified trainers will plan a hands-on and on-site Q&A session to tackle specific questions that may arise after a few months’ practice with the IM Method and software. This service forms an essential part of our golden-glove approach to Information Mapping, and this way of working delivers much-appreciated added value for companies across the globe.

Businesses like yours rely on Information Mapping for training

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About the Information Mapping Method

Information Mapping is a research-based and widely acknowledged process for writing and structuring reader-focused information. It is founded on four key components:
  • Information Types

    A limited set of categories helps you to analyze texts and label them according to their function.

  • Research-Based Principles

    They allow you to organize information effectively, so it is easy to digest and remember.

  • Units of Information

    Chunkable info enables you to create standardized information units with a specific purpose.

  • Presentation Modes

    Allows you to format different types of information in a comprehensive overview.