Introducing the FS Pro Cloud: Our latest Innovation


What is FS Pro Cloud and when will it be available?


It’s happening this week! Information Mapping is launching its latest product innovation: FS Pro Cloud, using FS Pro 2020 as a stepping-stone.

As described by CEO Francis Declercq:

The product is unique and designed with today’s business needs in mind. You can structure and share your content in the space of a few clicks, transforming regular documents into dynamic and visually appealing web publications. It’s a game changer, giving you access to your content from anywhere through a mobile, tablet or computer.”

What makes FS Pro Cloud different?

FS Pro Cloud features a highly flexible and user-friendly format, enabling users to present their publications in a myriad of different ways by altering fonts, colors and backgrounds.

The reusable information function enables users to store, share and retrieve blocks of information from a shared virtual library. In other words, valuable data can be repurposed to build new publications in only a fraction of the time.

Add to this a few visual changes, some coloring, a new background and it’s done! You’ll have a brand new publication in your hands, ready to publish and it can all be done in a fraction of the time.

Why FS Pro Cloud









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