3 Tips for Writing Winning Sales Proposals

Does this sound familiar to you? Working late to finish up proposals that need to go out, having to scrutinize every part of your proposal, discovering mistakes every time you read through, getting overwhelmed with volumes of content. Or have you ever submitted your proposal only to realize that you missed the deadline by a few hours? Writing proposals can be both challenging and time consuming…

But they are a necessity and act as the voice of your company or business. Being able to present the requested information in a customized, well-written and visually appealing way will ultimately determine if your company will win or lose the deal. We've got 3 tips that will help you make the cut.


1. Analyze, structure, standardize

Reduce Errors

​When several team members work on different proposals at the same time, this often results in overlapping copy, duplication of efforts, inconsistencies or careless mistakes - especially when we're talking about sales proposals with hundreds of pages! Keep in mind that every reader needs to be able to find the pertinent information easily.